July 30, 2012.

Around 8h30 in the morning we saw three lions sleeping by a warthog hole about 50 m away from the road. We drove closer to them but as we were driving towards them 4 warthogs came out of the hole and very close to the lions and the lions got a huge surprise and started chasing the warthogs but to no avail.

Among them was one big female and one yearling, along with one tiny cub about 1 ½ month e. I recognized the mother and tiny cub as the ones from the Mwamba pride that had  killed the buffalo earlier in the month, and whose little male cub was killed by the male lion (see previous blog “Mwamba Pride gets a buffalo but loses a cub”).

After missing the warthogs they came back to check the inside of the hole. She disappeared completely in the hole, but sadly there was no warthog left. The cub was standing outside of the hole crying for food. It seems that it was no food day for them that morning. The lioness looked very skinny.

It was my first time to see  a lion disappeared completely into a hole like that!

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PS: the pictures below were extracted from Pat’s video clips – hence a much lower quality

Mom and her little cub, obviously very hungry


The lioness decides to investigate the burrow, in search of more warthogs


And down she goes


The cub remains on the outside of the hole


The lioness is about to disappear completely, last contact with her cub


The cub waited patiently until mom returned

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