By Sylvester

August 13th

On our morning game drive, I took my guest Barbara accompanied by her private safari guide Benson Siyawareva, from Ngoko Safaris, alongside the Luangwa River, driving North from Kaingo. We heard some lions calling, and we found 2 young male lions on the other side of the river, on the Nsefu Sector.

The lions seemed to want to cross the river, so we decided to watch them for a while.

One decided to take a chance, and started walking in the water, soon to be surrounded by crocs! He started snarling and growling, then looked back at his partner, who had safely remained on the bank. It was too late to turn around or move forward, he was trapped! It became quite tense really, and at one point a pod of hippos rushed from the bank, back into the water creating a welcome diversion. The lion took his chance and ran as fast as he could, wading in the water, and reached the our side of the river safely. It was a close call, something he probably won’t do for a while!

The other lion was not so brave. We saw him walking South, probably trying to find a narrower part of the river, or more shallow at least.

We did not follow him, but he eventually did cross as we saw both males reunited a bit later on during our drive.

It made for fantastic photo opportunities for our guests, as you can see from Benson’s pictures.

Till later,


PS: Benson Siyawareva is a professional guide and director of Ngoko Safaris, UK.







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