On July 11th, the morning after the Mwamba-Kaingo pride killed a kudu near Kaingo camp, I decided to start our game drive by checking out the kill site, but there was nothing much left apart from the skull, and some scraps. And not even a single lion in sight, they had all left.

While we were there looking at some hyenas cleaning up the area, the two big males of the pride, the Mwamba males, arrived but obviously too late for any meal. They just sniffed around and carried on moving towards the Luangwa River, walking along the Ebony grove. We thought they were going to settle down there for the day and enjoy the beach!

But they decided to cross the river to go to the Nsefu sector. It was really exciting to see them swim across. First it was shallow but then both of them sank down and had to swim, while being carried down by the current! They reach the other side safely, I was worried.

One of the males is the one with the skin disease, which we are still trying to find out about, via the South Luangwa Conservation Society.

I have gotten great video clips of the lions swimming across, and we will share the video once edited. So stay tuned!

By Patrick, July 11th, 2014.

P Njobvu Watermarked-0847

P Njobvu Watermarked-0851

P Njobvu Watermarked-0907

P Njobvu Watermarked-0823

Video pic-1

Video pic-2

Video pic-3

Video pic-4

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