October 18th, 2012

Being stuck in camp is not always fun! Especially when you hear all the guests coming back from their game drive and their walks saying how beautiful the sighting of the lions cub was! Indeed, it has been a few days now that the cubs from the Mwamba Pride (all reunited – so the 5 we have been seing from early in the season, + the 3 from “the rains” + the rescued one = 9 cubs) have been resting near our mobile hide in the dry river bed of the Kamema.

For those of you who are familiar with our area, the Kamema is the river bed where the ebony grove is, which eventually joins the Mwamba river bed. We set our mobile hide there towards late August, when the water starts to recede.

A few days ago, there was still just enough water, under a fallen tree, for the pride to drink. But today, the water is all gone. However the lion cubs had been seen again this morning. The adults were missing, but one of the 2 males, was mating with a lioness in the ebony grove, no too far.

Rob and I had had enough! We had tried yesterday to find them, but without luck. So today, with the new report that the cubs were there still, we decided to try our luck again. Once all the guests were done with breakfast we took a vehicle and headed towards the mobile hide. Thanks to the more detailed instructions of our guides, we could this time find the exact spot where the cubs had been seen. And indeed they were there! Hiding under the fallen tree, in the bit of shade it provided.

4 Lion Cubs under a fallen tree

We saw 3 of the older cubs, along with 1 which seemed to be the youngest, but it was hidden among the others. The little one was sleeping soundly. Then we noticed 2 other cubs further to the right, behind more roots. So that made up for the 5 older cubs, along with one younger one. We were very happy.

Two more cubs under the roots

We moved the vehicle a bit, so we could have a better view.

We found a better angle to observe the cubs

Close up

The youngest cub still sleeping with older siblings

By the time we were ready to go, 2 cubs decided to come and investigate the vehicle, then got distracted by a few guinea fowls calling nearby. They came very close though!

This sighting was getting better!

Two of the cubs came to check us out


But it was time to head back to camp, as we expected an arrival soon.

As we backtracked our way out of the river bed, we came face to face with one beautiful male lion, who was obviously on his way back to the cubs. Gorgeous! We stopped the car, to let him walk by.  He literally walked within 1 meter of my side of the vehicle!

One of the male lions making its way back towards the cubs

He was soon followed by another male and a female. These two stayed behind, in a curve of the river bed. They must have been the ones seen mating this morning.

The other male and female, remaining aside

We couldn’t wait to check! It was time to head back, and welcome our return guest at Kaingo. It was a great little escapade for Rob and myself, always fun to get out in the bush!

Cheers for now,


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