On August 6th, 2013 the two lion prides named Mwamba-Kaingo and Mwamba-Kapanda clashed. The Mwamba-Kapanda pride consists of 8 females and seven cubs, and the Mwamba-Kaingo pride consists of 17 lions of which 9 are youngster of various ages., plus 2 big males controlling both prides.

It was when the Mwamba-Kaingo pride were busy at a lagoon, waiting for a hippo that was very sick, that the Mwamba-Kapanda found a chance to overap on the other’s territory and killed a buffalo. I was staying at Mwamba Bush Camp  that night, only about 3 km from where the kill happened, and i could hear the hyenas calling all night. They alarmed the Mwamba-Kaingo pride that something was happening on their territory, and the following morning they found the intruders. There was a big fight, we could hear the growling from camp. So we drove there and found that one of the dominant females had killed the smallest cub of the Mwamba-Kapanda pride along with one of the younger males, and proceeded to partly eat  them. The Mwamba-Kapanda was chased away with 5 cubs remaining.

The next day, the Mwamba-Kapanda came through the camp, and the next morning I took my guests on a walk and found the lions along the Mwamba stream, with all the surviving cubs, lying on the bank of the dry river bed. They looked so uncomfortable, because of the fight and loss of the cubs.



Note from Shenton Safaris: The first picture below was taken on August 1, when all the 7 cubs were still alive.  And the second one on August 7th, the following day.

The story unfortunately does not end there. Follow these two links to read other versions and subsequent events.





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