Tales from Zambia by return guest Phil Branham (August 2013)

In August, we saw a real action sequence when a Puku standing on the right side of us darts left in front of us and behind a bush.

Suddenly she explodes back in front of us, runs through a bush in panic, getting stuck for a few seconds before freeing herself and fleeing as fast as she can go.

Suddenly, a lioness charges from the bushes the Puku just came from and almost runs into our jeep stopping only a meter from our front bumper, she looks up at us and then goes around us and continues chasing the Puku. I managed to get a photo of the lioness as she went through the bushes after the Puku.


It was so exciting to see the lioness explode from nowhere in front of us and really got the blood pumping!  I think that the lioness probably heard her struggling in the bush and decided to chase after her.
After we left this spot and drove just ten meters we came upon part of the pride sitting under the bushes getting relief from the mid-morning sun. Two males and several females were watching the animals in the mostly dry lagoon searching for food.

Since I am talking about lions, I decided to include one of my favorite lion photos of all! I took this photo one morning on the bank of the river. We walked thru the brush to get to the river bank where were around 14-16 lions.


We made too much noise and the lions saw us and ran off, all except this mating pair. I love the look of this photo taken through the trees.



By evening, she had a headache!


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