Leopards: Though we might not have had quite so many sightings as usual this year , the quality of the sightings has been aweome. The relaxed young female with two cubs based around Mwamba has been a winner; she has made quite a few daylight kills and always brought in the cubs to share the spoils.The other females in the game-viewing area have been caught on camera plenty of times too – prowling, marking, stalking and killing.

Recently the resident Kaingo male has been mating with TWO females at one time. This is almost unheard of and certainly means a) he’s a strong guy and b)we will have more spotted cubs next season.

Wild dog: we have had some good sightings over the season although we are still none the wiser to exactly where the Kaingo pack are denning. According to the researchers, one thing for sure is that numbers are going up in the valley year by year which is great news.

Hippo: we have a new extension to the ever popular hippo hide which allows guests to get safely within 5 m or less of these fascinating animals. The hide is constructed from solid steel railway track so offers the maximum protection from any collateral bumping from boisterous males. The photos that have been coming back have been top quality.

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