30 May, 2014. By Patrick

I love the bush because everyday I learn and see something new. My guest really wanted to see a leopard, so we drove to a certain area called Debs tree shelf, and came across a group of pukus giving out alarm calls (whistle). We went to have a closer look and saw a leopard in the grass, who ran up in a nearby tree. We got closer to the tree and looked up to find a baby hippo kill!

It was really exciting for me because it was my first time to see a leopard feeding on a baby hippo! I called this the cats’ hippo week because this was only a day after we had watched the Hollywood pride kill a baby hippo, which is also very rare.


PS: unfortunately there is no current picture for this sighting. This one is another leopard, photographed by Patrick.


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Pat has been with Shenton Safaris since Kaingo was built and was originally trained by Derek in 1992. He is a fabulous guide, fantastic story teller and a firm favourite amongst new and repeat clients like.


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