July 31st, by Meyam

The bush is always full of surprises. On that afternoon’s game drive we came across this amazing behavior of a female leopard that we know well. The leopard was in the gully, but we did not know that until one of the guests asked me to stop the vehicle to take a picture of a mother puku and her very young one, in the beautiful afternoon light. It happened that I stopped the vehicle just as we were crossing the gully and while the guest was photographing, my spotter looked down on the sandy ground and spotted some fresh tracks of a leopard. Immediately we knew that the leopard was not far, and looking at the pukus we noticed that they were edgy as well.

I moved the vehicle a bit, and we saw the leopard just a bit further in the gully, it was staring at the baby puku!

We watched the leopard moving alongside the gully, as the mother and baby pukus were moving on the grassy patch. It was extraordinary to be such spectators, as from our angle we could see the leopard hiding and the pukus as well. The leopard really performed for us, standing on her hind legs, it was clear she was calculating how to best to get to the young puku. It shows how clever the leopards are when they are stalking something, in this particular case she was using the gully to hide away, only her eyes were above the gully line.

Eventually the pukus walked away, and the leopard gave up and continued walking down the long gully until we could not follow her anymore.


Meyam Njobvu 2014-3943

Meyam Njobvu 2014-3972

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