Early one evening out of Kaingo Camp, Sylvester was driving with Jens Hansen when they came across Patrick and Michael Weinman watching Chiphadzuwa with a kill. Mother Malaika was not around, so it was safe to assume that the Leopardess had managed to kill the male Impala on her own – quite a feat for one so young. Strangely enough, she had not dragged the kill up a nearby tree; maybe it was too heavy for her. But even though we see many different Leopards each day, this is Lion and Hyaena country and she would soon be reminded of that!

The distress calls of the Impala had obviously attracted the attentions of others and very soon a Hyaena rushed in and drove Chiphadzuwa from her meal. She snuck back in time and again, snarling at the thief, only to be driven off each time. Then the Hyaena was joined by others, completely shutting poor Chiphadzuwa out.

But the action was still not over, because the same sounds that had attracted the Hyaenas, had also piqued the interest of a male Lion. He now came rushing in, driving the Hyaenas from what remained of the Impala and claiming the meal for himself. Chiphadzuwa fled up the nearest tree and could only watch helplessly as the remains of her kill disappeared for good.

As the male Lion tore at the scant remains, he was continuously harassed by the Hyaenas, loudly indignant at losing their stolen meal. View the action here:

And here is another view of the action, with thanks to Charles and Theresa Kaufman who were out with Yoram:



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