At Shenton Safaris, seeing some of the Hollywood Pride lazing in the shade of a tall Acacia on an afternoon drive , is not an unusual sighting for our guests. But when one of our guests spotted a Lioness in the tree, our interests were immediately piqued. Obviously unable to get what she was after, she made a bit of a hash of her descent, but nonetheless retained her interest in the foliage above her.

And then we saw him: a big male Leopard with a freshly killed baby Bushbuck. He had crept as high as he could, protecting his meal (and himself) from the attentions of the hungry Lions, themselves too heavy to reach him.

As the afternoon wore on the vigilance continued, the Lionesses sometimes including us in their observations.

Once the shade of the tree had moved away from its base, taking the Lions with it, an opening was created for the Leopard and he crept down the tree, meal in mouth and dashed away unnoticed by the sleeping Lions.

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