Leopard Mom and her two new cubs


What an amazing start to the new season so far! We always hold our breath in anticipation to see what has transpired during our absence and this year – as always – the bush has not disappointed us at all.


About a week ago Andrew and his guests made an amazing discovery during a night drive. They came across a female Leopard with two cubs around 4-5 months of age. The Leopardess in question appears to be a female who had been spotted a few times last year further inland. Now that Chiphadzuwa has move further north this new female has seized the opportunity to push her territory onto the banks of the river. She is very relaxed and does not mind showing off the new additions to her family at all. 


Since the original sighting with have enjoyed her presence a few more times and we have decided to call her “Mayi” the local word for mother. It looks like we will have many more sightings of her in the future and we cannot wait. we will be sure to keep you all posted


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