By Meyam. May 27th, 2014.

On safari, I consider every activity different from the other.

That day I had two guests on my morning drive. We knew about a leopard that had killed a male bushbuck close to the camp. So we thought of checking the leopard first for any interesting behaviour and then continue the drive.

We were lucky with the leopard as we found it up in the tree, in beautiful light, so we stayed with him for about two hours. It was trying to drag its kill to a different place, but it got stuck between branches and the leopard ended up tearing it in half. He sure kept us busy watching him.

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1688

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1839

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1885

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1903

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1916

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1921

After we left the leopard sighting to try and find other things we saw a male impala which had a stack of grass in his mouth. We stopped and looked carefully, and I realized that the impala was actually feeding on grass that would have been regurgitated by a hippo. This behaviour was very interesting to see. On bushwalks we often come across this sort of grass, spat out by hippos and elephants, but I could not think of animals that would happily eat this. This male impala obviously enjoyed it very much!

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1944

Meyam Njobvu 2014-1967

We learn something new every day when you are in the bush!


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