May 25th

After collecting our guests from Mfuwe Airport, on the late flight, we started the drive in the park with our spotter Raban. It was a busy drive! About midway to Kaingo, around 18h30, we first came across a female leopard in hunting mode. She was near the road but then disappeared into the bush.

A bit further on, at a location we call Caterer’s corner, we spotted 2 honey badgers foraging in the marsh. It was still early in the night to start seeing honey badgers, so that was quite an opportunity.

And near the Luwi river we heard alarm calls from monkeys and baboons and suspected another leopard somewhere but we did not manage to find it.

It was a great start for these guests’ first safari at Kaingo Camp.


Photograph of honey badgers by our guests and professional wildlife photographer Peter Smart (2013)


Yoram Ndhlovu

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Yolam trained as a guide at Norman Carr Safaris, and obtained his guiding license (game drives) in 2011. After guiding for two years in the Kafue National Park, Yolam was longing to come back to his native South Luangwa, and he is joining us to complete our experienced guiding team at Kaingo and Mwamba

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