July 27,2012

The evening of July 26th, we saw three lions walking towards camp but close by there was a big herd of buffalos. We thought they were going to hunt on the buffalos but they didn’t. Instead they decided to head towards camp and indeed they got to Mwamba and slept away in front of the chalets. We had them the whole night and they were still there in the morning when we were having tea.

But in the morning, while having a cup of tea and watching those lions we heard some baboons barking alarms calls close to camp as well. We jumped in the game drive vehicle and drove towards the barking sounds, and found two leopards up in the tree. One was feeding on a baboon carcass while the young male leopard was watching from down below.

These two leopards are the resident leopards we know from around Mwamba: it was Kylie and her son Elliott the one-eye leopard. Kylie had killed the baboon and Elliott her 3 1/2 year old cub, wanted to steal it from her! This male cub is not supposed to be with his mother anymore, he has actually been seen further away at the beginning of the season, and Kylie has now another 14 month old cub to take care of.

Kylie tried to move the prey around, probably trying to bring it closer to her newer cub, who we could not see, but she lost the prey and Elliott stole it from her. He climbed on another tree nearby, and Kylie just walked away. While watching Elliott feeding on the baboon we suddenly saw him stop and staring out in the distance quite intensively. A few minutes later we saw two big male lions appear.

It was an amazing morning that day, because we had everything close to camp.


Note: pictures have been taken out of video clips  filmed by Patrick

Kylie as found in the tree near Mwamba, on a baboon kill

Kylie is attempting to move her kill

Elliott has stolen the prey, and is eating away

This is a happy but naughty Elliott





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