The Kapandas and Mwamba-Kaingos Come Together to Feed!

The morning started off with the Kapanda Pride being spotted right by Mwamba Bushcamp. This was a great sighting as the Kapandas have not been seen much this season, as they tend to stay further inland – especially with the Mwamba-Kaingos beings so dominant.

The Kapandas stayed in the area for the remainder of the day and by night fall the unmistakable sound of a dying buffalo was heard at Mwamba Bushcamp. We all jumped in the car to see if we could locate the kill and inform the other guides on drive. We came across a herd of about 300 buffalo and the Kapanda pride pulling down one male. By the time we had all reached the scene the Kapanda Pride had already silenced the buffalo and started to feed. Then, from all around us, the lions started to appear. The 9 members of the Kapanda Pride were being joined by the Mwamba- Kaingos.

Last time this happened, around 4 years ago, this didn’t end well for the Kapandas as the Mwamba Kaingos ended up killing almost all of their cubs. This is what forced them to move further inland. Tonight, however, things appeared to be different. Around 30 lions, from 2 different prides, were feeding together while the herd of buffalo watched on.

All was going smoothly until the 3 Numbu Boys arrived on the scene. A fight broke out and there was an explosion of lions moving in every direction as the females of the Kapanda Pride ran for their lives.

Blurred Images of the Fight

As the Kapanda Pride retreated, the Numbu Boys began roaring in victory and climbed into the freshly killed buffalo.

The Kapanda Pride stopped about 200 meters away and watched as their dinner got consumed by the Mwamba Kaingos and the Numbu Boys. They opted to walk away, rather than start a fight with the much larger, dominate pride.

This was such an amazing sighting that our guests got to witness – the coming together off two separate prides!



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