Kapanda Lions Pay Us a Visit

The early day game drive started like most, heading out with an anticipation to find out what nature had been up to while we were sleeping in our warm comfy beds. Shortly after departing, close to Kaingo camp a pack of wild dogs were found after just taking down a puku, the meal was finished in mere minutes and the 6 dogs took off over the Lion Plains and on reaching the other side settled down in the shade of the bush right along the side of the road. We watched the dogs becoming lazy and getting ready for a well deserved siesta where not too far away a black mass in the form of dozens of vultures began to drop out of the sky descending on one specific point.



Immediately our guides read the signs that a kill must be attracting the large birds. Making our way to the area we came across an Acacia thicket on the banks of the Crocodile River running parallel to Mwamba Bushcamp. We careful ventured around the thicket and we got sight of a very large lioness lying down across a freshly killed puku, a second lioness joined her moments later and she had a strange scar/smudge over her upper lip. This was a great identifying feature of a huntress who belongs to the Kapanda Pride.


The Kapandas cover a territory slightly more inland closer to Mwamba Bushcamp and this was the first sign of them this season. It is great to see them scouting more into the territory claimed by the Hollywood pride. We can only speculate as to why these two lionesses were not accompanied by the rest of the pride, perhaps sent to scout out the area as water sources are drying up further inland or possibly just separated shortly during a hunt from the night before. In any case this adds a new dynamic to the lion prides of the area. Hopefully it wont be too long until the rest of the Kapandas start pushing closer to the river area in search of a permanent water source and some good food sources.



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