Let’s talk Kaingo’s Hippo Hide!

This serene spot is located on a deep-seated corner at the confluence of the Luangwa and Mwamba rivers. As the meandering Luangwa peacefully trickles by, a pod of hippos sing their honks and jostle for room. There is something about the hippo hide that creates a sense of complete tranquillity. Even while large males battle over territory and females, the hide feels like a haven and it is hard to pull yourself away.

One of our favourite ways to enjoy the hippo hide is to pull yourself away from Kaingo with a packed tea and cameras at the ready. An hour of cakes and hippo honks before an evening drive is our idea of heaven.

The hide boasts two fantastic levels meaning guests can sit or lie to watch the hippos as they wallow their day away. Moreover, the beauty of these two levels lies in the fact that they provide different perspectives when photographing the hippos. The lower level achieves a sense of being at eye-level with the hippo. Whereas, the slightly higher level allows a view of the whole pod and the river upstream.

Want to learn more about Kaingo’s Hippo Hide? Follow this link for everything you need to know!

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