Kaingo Kitchen: Where does the produce come from?

Our fruit and vegetable plot located in Mfuwe town can often feel like the garden of eden. Plump lemons weigh down the branches that have produced them. Cabbage sprouts from the soil in biblical proportions. Swiss chard brightens up the muted cauliflower bed. And aubergines hang like jewels. 

Our plot is bursting with colour, the constant soothing tick of the sprinklers is a nostalgic noise for Anna, our media manager. The perfectly timed strokes of the water hitting its target is quintessentially African and adds not only life to Kaingo and Mwamba’s vegetables but character too. 

Stephen, plot manager, will proudly show you around. Stephen will point out beds of herbs, granadillas and next seasons saplings. On his ankles trot Cindy and Butch, the plot pets and (hardly) fierce watch dogs. All the while, theres a distance cooing of our 98 laying hens. Fresh fruit and veg must be accompanied by fresh eggs. 

Anna Mansfield

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