Ground Nuts

An essential part of any safari is the afternoon sundowner. A pause in the day’s activities to watch the sun dip below the horizon and have a moment of quiet contemplation.

Gin and tonic is the ubiquitous classic, but a cool brew or homemade lemonade will do. At Shenton we have an extra secret. Our freshly salted local groundnuts.

Homegrown, they are planted three months earlier during the rains, before the safari season has even started! Planted into sandy soil they are carefully tended each forming a single nut! Once the leaves above ground are dry the nuts are harvested! Meticulously shelled they are stored and ready to be bought!

There are many ways to prepare groundnuts -curried, dry roasted, used in biscuits, cakes and salads too! But for some reason we always return to the old favourite. Plain salted.

Chef Andrew doing the honours

Dry roasted in the pan until the nuts are just starting to colour, a salty brine is poured over the nuts and allowed to evaporate leaving a fine salty film on each nut. Perfection.

Now for that drink?





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