The past few morning we have seen the Nsefu pride on the far banks of the Luangwa opposite our Elephant hide. We noticed that they seemed to be very interested in our side of the river and it quickly became apparent as to why.

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Whilst driving through the ebony grove Meyam and I came across three huge male lions that have crossed over from the Nsefu sector and were feasting on a small hippo. Usually his would not cause too much discussion, however the area that these intruders were enjoying their meal is already occupied by the Mwamba Kaingo pride, who we know are currently around the Mwamba camp area still a fair distance away but if the resident pride got wind that three marauding males we in their area they would not be best pleased. But maybe that is what the new arrivals are hoping will happen and are looking to expand their home range to our side of the river, or it could just simply be they fancied a change of scenery or just saw an opportunity for a quick meal. Whatever their reason it is making for an exciting next few days.Matt Watermarked-3087

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