Incredible hunting skill of a Leopard

On the morning game drive my guests and I came across the beautiful Leopardess Malaika resting in a dried out hippo gully within Fish Eagle Lagoon. After grooming herself for a short while she proceeded down the gully towards a herd of puku that were grazing close to the edge, I naturally thought this was the target of her next meal.

To my surprise she bypassed the puku completely and shifted focus to a small flock of guineafowl a bit further down the gully. In a moment that completely shocked me I saw the old Leopardess take off with lightning speed up the side of the gully only to launch herself at the unsuspecting birds. although she did miss the particular bird she had in sight it still has to be one of the most incredible acts of agility and strength I have seen from any animal in my entire guiding career. 

After the failed hunting attempt she immediately move back into the gully, to my complete surprise another leopardess appeared 30 metres away in front of Malaika. It was her 3-year-old daughter, Chiphadzuwa. In the past year when these two have seen each other it almost ends in a huge fight, we held our breathes in anticipation to see what would transpire these two beautiful cats. Chiphadzuwa was first to break cover leaving the gully and moving into the open area and moments later Malaika followed closing the distance. In a complete surprise, the leopardesses came together and walked side by side across the whole dried out lagoon before going their own separate ways. no fighting or growling , just some sort of unspoken agreement that no fighting would take place on that day. After they parted ways Chiphadzuwa was seen scent marking the area as a territorial dominance display to show tht she is in charge now. What incredible animals, cannot  wait to see how the dynamics play out in the future.


Below is a full video of what happened, please enjoy and feel free to comment if you have any question about these amazing leopards


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