Hyaena bites Leopard’s tail

 Andrew and his guests were happy to spend hours out under a shady tree waiting, just waiting and that was why they saw the Hyaena bite the Leopard’s tail. Hours had already passed with them watching Malaika and her daughter Chiphadzuwa, safely ensconced up a tree after finishing off a Puku that mother had killed. There was no evidence of the territorial animosity that resulted in the fight 8 metres up a tree.


Drawn in by the odours wafting from the depleted carcass, two Hyaenas wandered into the picture and sniffed around below the tree.


Chiphadzuwa took immediate exception to their presence and snarled and spat at them, while Malaika seemed above it all and chose to ignore them.


The Hyaenas continued to sniff around and Malaika retreated to a higher perch as Chiphadzuwa’s snarling intensified. She possesses a long, lustrous tail that she has used previously as an affectionate wrap around her mother. Now part of this beautiful tail hung down from the branch and caught the Hyaena matriarch’s eye.


Chiphadzuwa screamed in pain and indignation, turning to fiercely swipe at the Hyaena latched onto her tail. This sudden attack and probably the Hyaena’s surprise at actually catching the tail, caused the Hyaena to lose her mouthful and Chiphadzuwa escaped with tail intact.

She was seen a few days later still smarting from the attack, but with only a barely noticeable bump on her tail, as a tell-tale sign of the trauma that she had experienced.

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