Hungry but dirty lions

The loss of life on the banks of the Luangwa River is a sad occasion. However, this is just nature taking its course and the death of a hippo will feed many mouths, from vultures and hyenas to members of the Hollywood pride. 

The waters of the Luangwa river are teeming with life, hippos and crocodiles in abundance defecate making the bed rich in silt. Thus, silt makes the mud thick and sticky. Just in front of Kaingo, it is not uncommon to watch elephants crossing, but struggling to do so as their feet sink into the thick mud. Surrounding the dead hippo in the nutrient-rich mud, our Hollywood pride extract what they can from the carcass. They dig their faces deep into the hippo, once their full face appears again, they are coated with thick brown mud. Their beige bellies no longer flaunt sandy tones, rather rich browns and greys from the mud. 

Guide and guests sit and watch as the lions fill their bellies and fight over the carcass. An easy meal and our impala safe for today. 

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