A few nights back we came across the Hollywood pride resting up in the shade close to pelican lagoon. It was late afternoon and the sun was on its way down and the pride started to come to life. We followed them for the next hour or so into the darkness and we were rewarded by witnessing the pride take down a female Puku.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-29

It is always fascinating to watch these apex predators doing what they were made to do. Although violent and gruesome, it is never malicious and represents the true struggle of life and death that animals face out here on a daily basis.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-28

Witnessing a kill from start to finish brings home the intelligence of these big cats and the ability that they have to work together. It is always a special experience for myself as a guide and a sighting that I’m sure my guests will never forget.

Matt Small Watermarked 15-27

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