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We had had an incredible sighting the night before. We had witnessed 1 of the Numbu Boys struggling by himself to take down a baby hippo, while the mom was trying to defend. Due to all the noise and commotion, the Hollywood pride came to help the lone male. After a long battle, 2 Numbu boys and 8 lionesses of the Hollywood Pride managed to subdue their prey, and the mother hippo left the area. We watched the 10 lions start to feed, and after an hour one of the lionesses stood up and slipped away into the darkness. We returned to camp and were eager to return to the sight the following morning.

On our return the following day we were greeted with an incredible surprise! The lioness who had slipped away the night before had returned, and with her, she had brought two tiny lion cubs. The cubs are aged between 6 – 8 weeks old.

This was brilliant news.  The Hollywood Pride have been in disarray since the end of 2016 with the loss of the 2 dominant Hollywood Males at the time. 2017 saw the 3 Numbu boys attempt to take over the pride. To stamp their authority, the Numbu Boys killed any offspring the lionesses had conceived with the Hollywood Males. The females, however, did not take this well and did not mate with the new Numbu Boys straight away.

We saw the Hollywood pride diminish in numbers and strength, but once the dry season started the pride finally seemed to regain some strength. Now with our return in 2018, it is clear that the Hollywood Pride is well on their way to return to their former glory. With one lioness already baring the cubs of the Numbu Boys we imagine it won’t be long before the rest of the females also begin mating with these new males.

Although mortality rate is high for lion cubs, we hope these cubs will have a fighting chance under the protection of the new dominant Numbu Boys. We will keep you posted on any further news and sightings of these cute tiny cubs.









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