Hollywood Pride Takeover 


After driving for 3 consecutive days we had not yet come across any lions. We were lucky to have had a lot of leopard, wild dog and other animal sightings but the lions were still eluding us.
On this particular morning our mission was to go and hunt for the lions after we heard that the Hollywoods were sighted close to Waterbuck Dam the night before.
Luck was on our side, as we managed to find the Hollywoods, consisting of 9 lions – 7 lionesses, Golum, the late brother of Ringo, and his son who is around 3 or 4 years old.
After seeing us they moved closer to the banks of the Luangwa river looking for a comfortable place to rest, under a tamarind tree. You are able to notice that the females still haven’t fully accepted Golum and his son, who seem to be in control of the Hollywood Pride at the moment. Earlier in the season some of the Hollywood lionesses were seen mating with the Numbu Boys, so it will be interesting to see what happens further into the season.
Female lions are known to mate with numerous males within their territory to try and ensure the best possible survival for their cubs, as rival males will kill any cubs that they have not sired. 
That afternoon we found the pride had moved, as the larger Kapanda pride were approaching the same area. The Kapandas are not often seen in this area after the Mwamba-Kaingo pride killed their cubs a few years ago. Their pride consists of 3 lionesses, 2 sub-adult males and 6 yearling cubs. The Kapanda pride chased the resting Hollywood pride out of the area and a short while later the Kapandas managed to kill a buffalo on the banks of the river.

The video below is of the Hollywood pride that morning before being chased away. 

Sylvester Mbaama

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