Congratulations to guest Marc Mol for having several of his pictures featured in numerous articles in print and on the web. Marc is a gifted wildlife photographer, and South Luangwa is one of his favorite destinations when it comes to African wildlife. Marc’s last visit to Shenton Safaris was in October 2011, although he returns almost on a yearly basis to Zambia.

D71_5790BPNcThese amazing pictures were however taken while on a microlight flight with our neighbor John Coppinger of Tafika Camp (in the Nsefu Sector). They show a furious battle between raging hippos and hungry crocodiles in early November 2011.D71_5792BPNc

When one unlucky hippo fell foul to the crocodiles, the rest of the group backed down discouraged by the 100+ heavy-toothed reptiles.D71_5799BPNc

These pictures, and many more worth seeing,  were recently featured in British media such as the Daily Mail, the Mirror , the Telegraph, as well as the Metro, Express, Daily Star and the Sun, and most recently in the French magazine Le Figaro.

We invite you to have a look at Marc’s web gallery – the pictures are simply spectacular!



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