The Mwamba Kaingo pride are known as buffalo specialist so it was quite a surprise when they went for something a little different.

The pride had been spending a few days in our ebony grove which they like to do on regular occasions. With is shallow pools of remaining water it is a popular place for game to come and get a drink instead of making the dangerous trek down to the river.











There are also a small number of hippo that inhabit these pools and it was one of these that had captured the attention of the pride on this occasion.

Matt Watermarked-3802














As this unfortunate individual was leaving its pools for a night of grazing totally unaware of the danger that awaited, it was suddenly overwhelmed by the whole pride.

P Njobvu Watermarked-3-5














Unlike small game such as antelope, hippo and buffalo do not go down without a fight and this individual was no exception and it was only after an hour of struggling and fighting it finally succumbed to the inevitable.

hippo kill 3









The pride made light work of this meal, by the following morning there was not much left for the scavengers to pick at then the next day any evidence of this battle was gone and peace returned to our beautiful grove once again.

Matt Watermarked-3762

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