Half-Tusk Steals a Snack

Half-Tusk, one of the Elephant bulls that we know from previous years, came into camp recently looking for a snack. The fruit on the African Ebony tree beside Kaingo’s chitenge are now ripe and sweet; calling in the Vervet monkey, Meve’s Starlings and of course the Elephants.


We have several Elephants that regularly come through the Camp, you must have read about our Trio Eleanor, Edwina and Ed, or the Elephant bull that came through during opening to rip up all of our fences. Well, as a send off for some of our guests, Half-Tusk came back into camp. So he wandered by the Chitenge, scooping up all the Ebony fruit with his trunk. Giving guests at Brunch a great view of himself as he did so.


He then to walked over to Chalet 3, where we thought he would continue to eat the ebony fruit, as there is a second tree beside the Chalet. To our surprise, that was not the snack he was looking for! He much rather preferred the entrance mat!




The Chalet entrance mats are no longer safe, they are after all made from palm leaves, terribly delicious for the Elephants it seems! We’ll keep you posted on news on our mats, and if they survive the season!



Once he had finished the mat at Chalet 3, and then returned to the Chitenge to see if the entrance mat was just as good. Where he found Garth, who politely asked him not to eat our mats… Great conversation to listen to if you ask!



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