Half Tusk Pays the Pool a Visit

Since we opened the plunge pool at Mwamba Bushcamp we knew very soon it would attract some visitors, not only the human kind! We were surprised that it had taken this long into the season for the Elephants to attempt to drink out of the plunge pool. We thought that it was the pool cover that was deterring them. This, however, was not the case for Half Tusk, one of the male Elephants that visits the camps a lot.

Half Tusk has managed to position himself in such away that he can remove the pool cover and still reach the water with out the railings bothering him. Allowing him to drink fresh, clean water with out having to visit the Last Waterhole Hide and mingle with the other mammals.

A few days ago he was very lucky to find that the cover was off as the guests were enjoying the plunge pool. The sight of the guests did not deter Half Tusk who very easily drank his fill and then wandered off to feast on a nearby Sausage Tree.

Half Tusk pays the pool a visit

Our guest, Patty Underwood, was lucky to be in the pool at the time Half Tusk was drinking and she got a front row view of the amazing way that elephants use their trunks to drink. Patty was very calm and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Not many people can say they shared their pool with an Elephant.

Half Tusk Pays Pool a Visit

Half Tusk Pays Pool a Visit

Half Tusk Pays Pool a Visit

NB: Our plunge pool at Mwamba was a temporary installment for 2017


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