Last night was a quiet one at Kaingo camp, it does not happen very often in a season that we have an evening without guests.

We decided to have a staff game drive, packing the vehicle with cooks, waiters and more. It turned out to be a very special drive in more than one way.

Firstly it was the first tie for me to have a car full on staff rather than guests. Secondly it was the first time I had to seriously guide in my local language. It was great to see how everyone completely engaged into the conversations, and humbling to be able to teach them one or two things about birds, animals, trees, even insects.

Especially the scientific part of things. Picking up a spotted bush snake, the guys were relieved to learn that most of the snakes we encounter in the village are not dangerous and are rather useful pest controllers.

We concluded our game drive with a pride of 16 lions, very close to the car. These magnificent beasts were totally oblivious to our presence. Many villagers believe that lions are man-eaters and the staff was relieved when I explain that they are not!

What an experience it was. My hope is that by doing these staff drives we help local villagers understand our wildlife and therefore see the importance to conserve and protect it.

By Andrew, July 12, 2014.

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Andrew Mweetwa

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Andrew passed his guiding exam in 2006, followed by his walking license the following year. For the past three years, he was guiding at the Norman Carr Safaris camps. He joins us this 2013 season, delighted to keep busy with our third daily game viewing activity! He loves learning new languages, and looks forward to practice his skills.

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