May 21st

Today I took my guests inland, trying to find the Mwamba lion prides, but they were nowhere to be seen.

For the afternoon drive, I decided to go north, near Deb’s tree, and see if we would be lucky finding the Hollywood pride of lions. Luckily, after our sundowners, we spotted three adult lionesses in hunting mode. Shortly afterwards 9 lion cubs appeared from the bush. There were about 4 different age groups, the bigger cubs being of about 6-7 months old, those we had seen last year at the end of the season, and the youngests about 2-3 months old.

The mothers proceeded to kill a puku, and devored it in a few minutes, barely leaving any meat for the cubs. Three hyenas came and two lionesses had to chase them away, while other lionesses were having a fight with a crocodile 2-3 meter long! The crocodile gave up and went back to the marsh.

It was a great first sighting of the Hollywood pride, and it was especially good to see that the cubs had survived and more had been added to the pride.


Photo of the Hollywood Lion Cubs in October 2013

Small Watermarked-5014


Sylvester Mbaama

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After guiding for numerous years for other camps in the park, Sylvester joined us in 2012, and quickly found his marks at Kaingo and Mwamba, to the great satisfaction of our guests. “Sly” is qualified for game drives and bush walks, he is always read to help and is a great host. He is also very involved in the local community having created his own foundation to assist local projects.

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