Finding a Puku Just After Giving Birth

We headed out on a afternoon game drive. Less than 2 minutes from Kaingo, we were greeted with an amazing sight. There we found a female puku and next to her a baby puku just minutes old.

The mom was lying down trying to regain some of her strength. We watched with amusement as the new baby puku attempted taking his first steps on solid ground. As we spent more time we noticed that the mother was also feeding on something. On closer inspection we saw that it was in fact the afterbirth ! 

Although antelopes, puku, are herbivores. Females are known to consume the afterbirth shorty after delivery. The afterbirth contains a huge amount of nutrients that would otherwise be lost if not consumed. In turn, after consumption of the afterbirth those nutrients will be passed back on to the newborn through the suckling process during the early stages of life.

After the mom had almost totally finished eating the afterbirth she stood up and we were able to watch the new born puku suckle for his very first time. This was such an honour as usually animals will give birth far away from prying eyes in thick bush.

Below is a video of this incredible sighting, Enjoy !

Yoram Ndhlovu

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Yolam trained as a guide at Norman Carr Safaris, and obtained his guiding license (game drives) in 2011. After guiding for two years in the Kafue National Park, Yolam was longing to come back to his native South Luangwa, and he is joining us to complete our experienced guiding team at Kaingo and Mwamba

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