15 Jun 2014, by Yoram

On may morning drive I spotted a nice female leopard at the top end of the Fish Eagle lagoon. It was around 08h30 in the morning, in nice daylight. She was interested in the leopard, but remained well hidden and we eventually left her there.

On the afternoon drive, I went back to that area but couldn’t find the leopard. But all of a sudden the spotter and myself noticed some drag marks on the ground and grass, so we took a closer look to see in which directions the marks were going, as they seemed fresh.

It can only have been 5 meters at the most, and there was the female leopard on an impala kill. She didn’t seem bothered, and let us watch her before our sundowner. It was 17h30.

I suspect this female leopard has young cubs because her belly skin is quite loose. We’ll keep on eye out in case we find the cubs.


Picture below: Leopard Cubs in April 2014 by Meyam Njobvu

Meyam Njobvu 2014-0917


Yoram Ndhlovu

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Yolam trained as a guide at Norman Carr Safaris, and obtained his guiding license (game drives) in 2011. After guiding for two years in the Kafue National Park, Yolam was longing to come back to his native South Luangwa, and he is joining us to complete our experienced guiding team at Kaingo and Mwamba


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