We had so many beautiful pictures with little baby animals, it has been a tough choice this month. So hard that the jury (Jules and me!) could not agree on the selection, so we are feature 4 images instead of 3!

Our next selections will be on the following themes: Birds (March), Animal Portraits (April) and South Luangwa Landscapes (May). So make sure to sort through your photographs and to email them to us at info@kaingo.com. They must have been taken while on safari at Kaingo and/or Mwamba.

February 2012 - Winner of the Month


By Jeff Nadler, September 2011

“I’ve been fascinated by African wildlife for as long as I can remember. I finally went on my first safari in 2001 to Botswana, which turned my fascination into a passion for photographing Africa’s animals. Thanks to Africa, I now am building a second career of selling my photos – www.wild-life-photos.com, as well as now organizing and leading my first group trip this year (to Tanzania). Visiting Zambia in 2011 was my fourth safari experience and choosing Shenton Safaris was easy – the photo hides and emphasis on photography made them the only operation I seriously considered. And the small camps and friendly professionalism of the staff at both Kaingo and Mwamba made the experience an exceptional one.

I’m especially drawn to converting my wildlife photos into black-&-white images; there’s something about stripping away the colors that exposes the subjects’ souls. Converting zebras into black-&-white may seem like a redundancy, but in actuality, they have many subtle hues of colors in their coats. This mother zebra and her foal posed long enough for me to get a nice variety of images. In this image, I especially liked the contrast between the statuesque pose of the mother and the shy curiosity of the foal.”

Settings: Nikon D300, 1/500 sec. at f/8.0, Focal 550 mm, ISO 800


February 2012 - Runner Up


By Peter Chadwick, August 2011

Having been coerced into my first trip to Africa by my wife 15 years ago I have developed my own passion for the continent and with that a love of wildlife and photography.

From that first African experience and subsequent trips to Tanzania, Zambia, India, Sri Lanka and my native outback Australia I have learnt that wildlife comes in many shapes and forms from migrating Flamingos and desert foxes in Kuwait, where I currently reside, to the majestic Bengal Tigers of India and stunning Asian Leopards and Sloth Bears of Yala National Park in Sri Lanka.

There is however something special and humbling about ‘wild’ life babies and my wife and I were extremely lucky to witness the first steps of this brand new Puku on our last visit to Kaingo & Mwamba Camps in August 2011.

Settings:  Nikon D80, 1/800 sec. at f/11, Focal 420mm



February 2012 - Runner Up


By Peter Lemon, September 2010

“I’m Peter Lemon from Australia. Fanatical wildlife photographer – especially African wildlife.  Still aiming for that National Geographic front cover. I have visited Kaingo and Mwamba each dry season since 2006, especially for the photo hides, and the “Hollywood” lion pride, and the brilliant photo opportunities they often provide. I love the sense of remoteness of these camps.”

Settings: Canon EOS 400D, 1/400 sec  at f/6.3. Focal 300mm. ISO 800.

PS: this picture was taken from the Mwamba hide. Peter was featured in our November 2010 newsletter where you can find more of his incredible pictures of this tiny elephant.

February 2012 - Runner Up


 By Don Shay, September 2009


“My wife and I fell in love with Africa almost 25 years ago, and we’ve been on many safaris in the years since.  I’m a writer and magazine publisher by profession, and have had a passion for photography all of my life.  In 2008, a ten-year labor of love culminated with the publication of Endangered Liaisons, a coffee-table book comprised of my safari memoirs and photographs.  It garnered some flattering reviews, and some awards recognition, and ranks high on my list of most satisfying personal achievements.

This photo was taken at Kaingo in September 2009.  I had been to South Luangwa twice before, and this was my second stay at a Shenton camp.  Our guide was Freya Reder; and we spent quite a lot of time, over a four-day period, checking in on this particular pride and their playful cubs.”

Settings: Sony DSLR A700, 1/250 sec  at f/6.7. Focal 270mm. ISO 800.

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