The Throne of the Mwamba pride now stands empty.

After his epic last stand at Mwamba bush camp the old king was found dead at Kapanda lagoon last night. Although he appeared to show no ill effects from the battle we think he sustained fatal internal injuries.


The Fallen King

The Fallen King

This news now has potential implications for the surrounding lion population. With the dominant male now gone from the strongest pride in the area it now leaves the door open for a possible takeover.

Whilst the Mwamba pride still has one male remaining he will not be able to fight off any intruders that could come and seize the pride for themselves.

The Nsefu Trio

The Nsefu Trio

The Hollywood pride to the north and the Nsefu pride across the river both pose great threats. The Hollywood’s have grown in numbers with two very strong males at the helm and the Nsefu pride, although smaller in number have three impressive males to lead them and it won’t be long before they notice that the Mwamba pride have lost their leader.

The Hollywood's

The Hollywood’s

All this is of course is a natural cycle which all lion prides go through to ensure the gene pool does not become stagnant. Whoever it is that takes over the Mwamba pride with farther young with new females and produce offspring with a new set of genes to carry forward into the future.

Although it is heart breaking to see such a fierce warrior fall is a necessity if a dwindling worldwide lion population is to stand any chance of recovering.

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