There really have been a lot of great sightings recently. As the bush is getting dryer, most of the game is concentrating towards the Luangwa River or around the few lagoons which still have some water.  It is at one of those that we came across an interesting situation on our late afternoon drive. A crocodile lurking in the muddy waters had caught an impala. We then saw a leopard coming down towards the waterhole to have a drink himself. It was Elliott, our One-Eyed leopard whose territory is near Mwamba Bush Camp. The leopard took some interest in the floating carcass, but was wary of the croc moored on the other side of it! The guests were enjoying this sighting so much that we stayed there watching Elliott, for over an hour, as he tried several tricks to have access to the carcass. We had a lot of hope for him to become world famous for stealing the kill from the croc. Generally leopards are not so keen on water, but this one – probably due to his young age – seemed ready to jump in. To our dismay however, he eventually gave up, which was undoubtedly the right decision to make.

On the way back towards camp, we found a male lion with an injured front leg, it was actually limping on 3 legs, and it looked serious. It seems a common trend for some of our lions, and I can only guess that these injuries are linked to buffalo hunts.

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Pictures of Elliott the One-Eyed Leopard by our guest Peter Chadwick

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