Every month, Shenton Safaris will select 3 pictures among those taken by our guests during their visit at Kaingo and Mwamba. Make sure your best shots are emailed to us so we can add them to the pool.

For December we have looked at the pictures featuring nocturnal animals, taken at night, with or without flash.

Our next  selections will be based on the following themes: Love (January) and Kiddies (February). So make sure to sort through your photographs and to email them to us quickly at info@kaingo.com.



By Anna-Lisa GIANNUZZI, August 2011

I am an Italian girl 34 years old. I am an ear surgeon with the passion of wildlife photography thanks to Maurizio. We work a lot during the year but as we have spare time we like to travel in order to follow our passion. We were in Kaingo/Mwamba last summer in August and it was an amazing experience. The leopard killing the impala was one of the most exiting experience in all my life and I will never forget it. Moreover, we met very nice people, in particular all your staff. Thanks to everybody and see you in the next future!!!


Anna Lisa and Maurizio

Settings: Nikon D300,  1/60 sec at f/5. Focal 135mm. ISO 3200.





By Marc Mol, September 2007


I started to embrace photography over 35 years ago, back in the old days of film.
I enjoy all forms of Nature photography, with a passion for African wildlife in particular. This image is entitled:  Waiting for mum’s return, We found these two (of 6) four month old Lion cubs patiently waiting for mum to return from a hunt.This image was taken on my first trip to Kaingo in September 2007 and I have just returned from there experiencing some great predator viewing during the hot and exciting times of late October.

Settings: Nikon D2XS, 1/250 sec at f/4. Focal 300mm. ISO 400.





By YY Chin, July 2011

Y Y Chin , an avid photographer as well as traveler to off the beaten track places, is a director of a large commercial Bank in Malaysia. He also sits on the board of a Life Assurance company and a General insurance Company .The photograph was taken in July during his return trip to Kaingo/Mwamba.  While not at work, he is actively and passionately involved in helping younger executives find their voice.

Settings: Canon EOS 1D Mark III, 1/50 sec  at f/5.6. Focal 560mm. ISO 1000.

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