June 2, 2014

I was out on a morning drive with some of our guests and our guide Meyam. We came across this splendid Martial Eagle who didn’t seem to mind our presence. The setting was perfect, standing on the upper branch of a dead tree.

When looking at my pictures, I had to smile at these lot, as it looks as if the eagle is doing a little dance for us, movig to the sounds of the African bush.

I Defourny-6652

I Defourny-6653

I Defourny-6654

I Defourny-6655

I Defourny-6656

I Defourny-6659

I Defourny-6662

I Defourny-6663

I Defourny-6664

Of course he was not, this series was taken as he was having a little feather shake just before turning around and taking off. It is something most birds do, a way of shaking off any dust and putting feathers into place before take off. Here the motion was frozen into several shots.


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