Meyam Njobvu and his guests came across an unusual sighting: the Mwamba Lion pride surrounding a baby Crocodile, stranded too far from the water for its own good. The poor creature had caught the cubs’ attentions and their obvious excitement brought the adults to the scene.

The Lions’ curiosity is obvious, but what is remarkable is the apparent fear and distrust of that tiny reptile that is inherent in the adults, possibly as a result of their dealings with larger Crocodiles over the years.

The Luangwa River is the lifeline of the Lions, but they share it with many creatures, some of whom they compete against in order to survive, with much of that competition often having deadly consequences for one of the parties involved.

Some remained committed to the task of fulfilling their curiosity, whilst the novelty of the scene passed quickly from others. Unfortunately the baby crocodile would not live to learn from its error.

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