Crocodiles Meal Interrupted By a Curious Hippo

We had just finished our morning tea and coffee stop on our morning game drive. I scanned the opposite bank of the river with my binoculars and then I saw something amazing. A very large, fat crocodile with the remains of a male puku carcass in his mouth.

I quickly got my guests on the vehicle and we made our way exactly opposite where the croc was and we began taking photos. Within a few minutes we noticed a young curious hippo making his way close to the large reptile.

Once he was out the water and investigating the situation, two of his friends made their way closer. Now that he had their support he decided it was time to sniff out this intruder.

The crocodile was feeling a bit uncomfortable at this point. It is not unusual for hippo to kill crocodile if they feel in danger or if their territory is threatened. Although these were younger “smaller” hippo the croc was not taking any chances. In a flash the crocodile whipped around at top speed and rushed his way towards the water.  The sudden movement caught the young hippo by surprise and he quickly jumped out of the crocodiles way. 

It only took a second for the crocodile to get back into the water with his prize. Blink and you could of missed it, I am so glad my guests and I were able to capture this amazing moment.

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