Coming to Kaingo Camp

There is something really special about driving through the South Luangwa National Park on your way in to Kaingo Camp.  Just before you reach the sign welcoming you into the park, you pass by an ox-bow lake where one is often lucky enough to see the first elephants.

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James, or one of our guides, will stop on the long bridge over the river to allow for your first views of the life blood of the park. The brown waters of the slow-moving river hide myriad lives, while others have hauled themselves onto the sweeping sandbanks to bask.

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The South Luangwa is famed for its numbers of wildlife and for its diversity. On your way in to us you can expect to see the endemic Cookson’s wildebeest and other not so common species that also occur here, like the Crawshay’s zebra and Thornicroft’s giraffe.

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Most travellers into the Park would like to start their safari experience with as many of South Luangwa’s big five as possible. We unfortunately do not have rhino in the park, but do have good numbers of wild dog and hyaena to fill that gap. At the start of the new season it is customary for our guides to scout the area searching for new arrivals and for old friends.

Caring - Lioness with cubs, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia - 4ZM15_8322

But the safari experience with Shentons Safaris is not only about the `big stuff’ but is a journey through the ever-present circle of life that includes all our neighbours.

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We hope to see you soon.

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