Clash of the Titans

My guests and I were just finishing with a morning safari out of Kaingo Camp. We were expected to have a bush breakfast that morning in the ebony grove close to the Luangwa River. As we arrived we were welcomed by a tremendous noise coming from the river. There we saw two massive male hippos having a territorial dispute with each other. 

Now that the hot months of the dry season are upon us the water levels have dropped dramatically. When the river was full there was enough space for all the male hippo to hold territory with very little conflict. Now however, these hippos have to share a much smaller area than before and fights are bound to break out. 

These two males were up on a small sand bank pushing each other around.  They seemed evenly matched for size and strength but as time wore on the one males’ wounds started to take its toll. After 40 minutes of fighting the more injured male decided it was time to retreat and make his way away from the river. He had lost this fight and in turn all his dominance for this section of the river. He will be a bit of an outcast for now , or at least until the rains arrive and the river begins to swell again. 

We were so lucky to watch this incredible clash of the titans!

Below you will find a photo series as well as a video of the event, enjoy 🙂 



Sylvester Mbaama

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Sylvester Mbaama has written 24 post in this blog.

After guiding for numerous years for other camps in the park, Sylvester joined us in 2012, and quickly found his marks at Kaingo and Mwamba, to the great satisfaction of our guests. “Sly” is qualified for game drives and bush walks, he is always read to help and is a great host. He is also very involved in the local community having created his own foundation to assist local projects.

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  1. Kent and Nancy Stow October 8, 2017 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    Sly — incredible and awesome display! I can imagine what it sounded like to be up close to that! Speaking of hippos — thanks to you and your patience with us trying to get good hippo sounds, my cell phone ring is now that of the hippos grunting. I get a lot of interest in my ring tone! I hope when we come back to see you again you can arrange a show like this for us, too!!

    Take care — we think of you often — Nancy and Kent

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