Chaos, canines and combat.

The crunch of the colossal canines of two hippos is a sound hard to forget. Two large males were at territory wars. They started on the beach of meandering Luangwa River, mouths locked in battle. The weight behind the significantly larger hippo forced his opponent into the water.

Dressed with battle wounds from prior altercations, the smaller hippo was swiftly being thrust out of his territory and into exile. Mouths closed, the two stared each other down all the while, the smaller hippo seemed to have accepted defeat and the fighting back appeared to be done.

Two more minutes of this intimidation occurred before the smaller hippo opened its gigantic mouth to combat his opponent. The sound of impact echoed upon the water as mouths sequenced between opening teamed with fighting to moments of passive aggressive intimidation. 

Blood gushed from the mouths of both hippos, the fight erupted into chaos as the smaller hippo turned to expose his body unprotected to the larger hippo. Water created a sense of complete chaos and distorted our view of the fighting pair, it seemed the territorial dispute had been turned up a notch.

Many moments of bedlam passed before the hippos locked jaws again, the larger male forcing all of his weight onto the smaller male until it was apparent the fight was lost. The smaller male retreated as quickly as possible, making his way down the river, out of the winners territory.  

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