The David Livingstone Bicentenary and Livingstone 2013 initiative seeks to establish links between the UK and Livingstone in Zambia to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Dr David Livingstone. The organizers want to ensure there is a lasting legacy moving forward from this bicentenary into futures years, which will benefit the community and the local economy.

Livingstone town and the Victoria Falls will be hosting international arts, cultural and sporting events to celebrate David Livingstone’s Bicentenary between March–November 2013.

They are inviting neighbouring countries to participate in theatre, street theatre, traditional dancing, bands and concerts, soccer, seven-a-side rugby, David Livingstone Classic golf, cycling, 3-country trail marathon, motorcross, 4WD rally, multi-day events on the Zambezi, fishing and cricket.

See Events Calendar 2013

And other projects such as:

  • Photographic/Art competition of The Victoria Falls and exhibition.
  • Celebrating David Livingstone’s commitment to exploration, medicine, education and eradication of slavery – still an active campaign 200 years later.
  • Medical exchange between Livingstone and Scotland.
  • Links to exhibition organised by National Museums of Scotland
  • Education packs, including fundraising for the Anglican Street Children’s Project
  • Cultural exchange between schools/universities in UK/Zambia
  • Academic conference on David Livingstone
  • Royal Geographical Society
  • Sponsorship and partners programme.
  • Sustainable aid project
  • Seeking to involve celebrities from UK and Africa
  • Create living partnerships between Scotland and Livingstone
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