July 16th, by Sly

Today was a busy day! We found the Hollywood pride in the morning, at around 08h00, they had killed an impala at the bottom end of the shelf, and they had devoured most of it when we arrived, there was hardly anything left in the grass, only bones.

That same night we found a male leopard near Mwamba who had killed a male impala, and brought it up in a nearby tree.

It was a busy day for the predators indeed, and not such a good one for the impalas!


Sly Watermarked-2-7

Sylvester Mbaama

About Sylvester Mbaama

Sylvester Mbaama has written 24 post in this blog.

After guiding for numerous years for other camps in the park, Sylvester joined us in 2012, and quickly found his marks at Kaingo and Mwamba, to the great satisfaction of our guests. “Sly” is qualified for game drives and bush walks, he is always read to help and is a great host. He is also very involved in the local community having created his own foundation to assist local projects.


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