Bush Apothecary: Weeping Lovegrass

We love our animals, we love our people and we love our land. Shenton Safaris loves love! Our land produces a grass named Eragrostis, this is the Greek name for lovegrass. 

Lovegrass is a common species found across the world, with a genus of roughly 350 species worldwide. Variations are found across Africa. Eragrostis teff is found in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia. Also known as, teff, the grass is incorporated in food, medicine and animal feed. Lovegrass possesses seeds at the top 20cm of their stems. These seeds are often dispersed with the help of browsing animals, they germinate through attaching to fur and are also dispersed through wind and gravity.

Lovegrass is deemed a pest in the US and acts as cupid’s arrow in Zambia, a complete juxtaposition! The pretty grass possesses flat leaved blades, it weeps in the wind and catches the dawn and dusk light in the most romantic fashion.
This grass brings happy folk tales, guides tell stories of unmarried women of the village smoking the plant to call their future husbands to them. A tip for all your single ladies out there!

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