Buffalo Water Break

The day started as another beautiful morning at Mwamba Bushcamp. Wonderful clear blue skies and bright sunshine gave the surrounding bush a golden glow in the morning light. But the sound of hooves was approaching the camp disturbing the peace and tranquility. One large buffalo emerged from the bushes on the far bank of the Mwamba River right in front of the camp where we have brunch in the mornings, he was shortly followed by another.

Buffalo Water Break

The sound of hooves grew louder and moans and groans of more buffalo. It was quickly realised that this was not just one or two male buffalo but rather a large heard that was making their way from deep inland towards the Major river of Luangwa and they were thirsty and in desperate need of water

Buffalo Water Break

The Mwamba river is all but dried up except one or two very small isolated pools of water. Surely the large approaching heard could not all drink from one small pool but again we were surprised as the first 2 males made their way down to some water followed by no less than about 200 of their counterparts.

Buffalo Water Break

The small pool of water they chose was consumed in mere minutes and soon the herd turned and made their way back into the bushes and in few moments the only sign of them was a massive cloud of dust rising up in the distance through the rays of morning sun shine.

Buffalo Water Break

The next time the Herd returns the only water left will be that in front of the Mwamba Hide and you can be sure we will all be ready and waiting.

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