Buffalo Visit the Last Watering Hole

We were just finishing up brunch one morning at Mwamba Camp. A strange sound could be heard not too far away, the sound grew louder and louder. It was the sound of hundreds of buffalo making their way towards the last watering hole. 

As more and more buffalo appeared the excitement grew. Almost in sync everyone excused themselves from the table with one thing in mind. Grab our cameras and get into that hide before the buffalo arrived at the water. In less than 2 minutes everyone was in their position, cameras at the ready waiting with anticipation for the first buffalo to arrive through the bushes and make their way down to the water.

One by one the buffalo appeared. Soon around 300 thirsty buffalo descended on the water. The sight and sound was amazing. The new lower section was a perfect spot to take photos down the length of the water. All the guests were blown away as this was their first day in camp and after only a few hours they were already treated to such an incredibly special sighting.

Below are some images taken from the new lower hide. 















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  1. Deanne Walker September 9, 2017 at 9:46 am - Reply

    I witnessed this event from the Mwamba Bushcamp’s excellent hide webcam. An incredible sight. It has definitely renewed my desire to travel to Zambia to see the wildlife for myself.

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